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Quality Assurance

Through our in-house quality management as well as acquisition of a third-party certification, we are committed to improving our company quality.

Environmental Management System ISO14001:2004

Yamaoka Industrial Co., Ltd. (headquarters) attained ISO14001:2004, the international standards of environment management.

Environmental Managing System ISO14001:2004

Environmental Philosophy

We are aware that improving and saving environment of the earth is a mission of mankind and all our business activities are implemented with environmental considerations.

Business Activities

Our business activities are: designing, manufacturing, assembling, packing, shipping, and selling of gas and electricity powered cooking equipments, heating equipments, and metal processing.

Action Guidelines

We take global warming, ozone depletion and pollution by noxious substances as serious global environmental issues. To keep negative impacts on the environment as minimum as possible in doing our business activities and to prevent pollution, we are committed to:

  • 1. Effective utilization and reduced consumption of electricity, gas, oil, and water
  • 2. Reducing materials for manufacturing
  • 3. Re-use and re-cycle of waste materials
  • 4. Greening the Earth

To improve guidlines including the ones listed above, we set environmental purposes and goals, develop and implement remediation programs.
We also periodically monitor and reassess our performance.
By doing that, we are committed to continuous improvement for environmental preservation.
We comply with various environmental rules which apply to our business activities and other requirements which we agreed with.
We implement enlightenment activities in order to keep all employees informed about our environmental guidelines.
We provide this environmental policy depending on the demand from the public.

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Quality Management System, ISO9001:2008

Yamaoka Industrial Co., Ltd. attained ISO9001:2008: the international standards of quality management and quality assurance.

  • Registered Business Operation to ISO 9001:2008
  • 1. Design / development / manufacturing of gas powered kitchen appliances
  • 2. Design / development / manufacturing of commercial cooking equipments (excluding duct work)
  • 3. Design / development / manufacturing of outdoor heating appliances
  • 4. Design / development / manufacturing of air cleaners
  • 5. Contracted manufacturing of metal parts

Quality Management System, ISO9001:2008

Quality Guidelines

Yamaoka Industrial Co., Ltd. always provides customers with fulfilling services and products to make customers satisfied.

Other Third party Certification

Quality Declared Company

Yamaoka Industrial Co., Ltd. declares corporate income tax in accordance with the self-assessed tax system.
We also have been paid homage by Kadoma Tax Office many times.