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Privacy Policy

Yamaoka Industrial Co., Ltd. acknowledges the importance of your personal information and is committed to protecting your privacy based on following policies.

Use of Your Personal Information

Only to the extent necessary to accomplish the following purposes, we use the information we collect to:

  • 1. Send you catalogs and information materials you requested.
  • 2. Provide you with customer service, whether it's responding to a question or a request.
  • 3. Send promotional emails about our products, services or product exhibitions.
  • 4. Help us develop, improve and provide our products and services which we think are valuable to you.
  • 5. Communicate with you when needed for other business purposes.

We may disclose your personal information:

  • 1. When we have obtained your consent.
  • 2. When required by laws or regulations.
  • 3. When offering your personal information to consigned companies only to the extent necessary to accomplish utilization purposes of your personal information.
  • 4. When sharing your personal information with our business partners to assist us in providing you with services.
  • 5. When required by court, police or other public authorities through legal procedures.
  • 6. When necessary to prevent imminent physical harm or financial loss without obtaining your consent.

Security of Your Personal Information

We are committed to keeping your personal information secure. We have appropriate technical, administrative and physical procedure in place to protect personal information from loss, misuse, unauthorized access or alteration.

Disclosure / Correction / Suspension of Your Personal Information

When asked for disclosure, correction, addition, or deletion of your personal information that we hold, we proceed with your request to the extent that it doesn’t interfere with our business operation after individual verification and rational judgment.
If we can not fulfill your request, we give you an explanation.

Contact Information Regarding Our Privacy Policy

If you have questions regarding the Yamaoka Industrial Co., Ltd. Privacy Policy,
please contact us at: info@silkroom.co.jp